REVIEW: N A T I V E S at Rock City

Natives at Rock City 

A new band name, a debut album and their first headline tour seemed to spark an infectious enthusiasm between the five-some as they bounced onto stage. Each band member beamed at the audience and remarked how grateful they were to be here. The humbling entrance was promptly replaced with a confident opening to tonight's talent. The set list consisted mainly of the new album which was positively received. Only a few keen fans had memorized all the lyrics as their album 'Indoor War' had only been released the week beforehand. However, it was almost impossible to not pick up Native's catchy choruses and chant them back.

'Can't Say No' was an obvious favourite among the crowd. The twangy guitar riffs and preppy vocals sounded similar to millennium era bands such as All Time Low, My Chemical Romance and Simple Plan. Whilst the audience may have progressed from Myspace and every crayola colour of skinny jeans the demand for this genre of music felt very present. Southampton born Jim Thomas' vocals mocked the American front men of the decade previous. It would be unfair to call Natives an imitation of these bands. The vocals were strong and the skilled musicianship could be admired by the older nodding self titled 'punks' at the far end of the room. 'The Horizon' was a song that captured this talent. It incorporated quick drum beats, upbeat guitar riffs and inspirational lyrics - a theme throughout the album. The gig ended on 'Stand For Something' a song quickly drowned out by screaming fans "doing the point".

Judging from the three-quarter full room in Rock City's basement, Natives are not a household name. The band's success has been a slow organic process. The five boys explained that they played to empty rooms for six years under the name 'Not Advised' until recently. The band's reinvention is down to their producer and talented musician, John Feldmann. After discovering them in Brighton he whisked them away to record 'Indoor War'. Their sudden musical plans and growing fan base seem catalyst much needed. Imaginably, their energy on stage and strength of their debut album will mean we will be hearing more from Natives.


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