Acoustic Rooms 5th Birthday

Acoustic Rooms 5th Birthday

We are having a party! The lovely guys at Rescue Rooms hold an an event every Monday known to the Nottingham public as Acoustic Rooms. Each week we make the monotony of Mondays a little lovelier by scouting out Nottingham's talent and making drinks frighteningly cheap. On the 24th March it's our 5th birthday and we wanna party (hard). There will be the obligatory cake, goodie bags and balloons. It will be Happy Hour all night and a special teapot concoction (the deadly shot pot that gets you wasted) will be a humble £5! On top of all these festivities we have some amazing talent to show off. If you're still not convinced that this will be the best invite you'll receive allow me to introduce our lineup...

Dripping Beef
Band Of Jackals
Frankie Rudolf
In The Teepees
Cheshire And The Cat
94 Gunship

Whether you're the guy that come to a party for the free buffet or the dad dancer first up to bust a move we know you won't be disappointed. 


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