REVIEW: Latitude Festival - Day 3

The Tallest Man On Earth

The Tallest Man On Earth is a Swedish genius with a guitar. He skipped on to the Obelisk stage, the largest of them all and looked so tiny as I gawped down from the Vodafone tower. Then, his guitar started to twinkle like a lullaby, he looked so small. As he began strumming the opening of the 'The Gardener' any signs timidness of were shaken off and a rusty voice flooded the audience. Any sun soakers quickly rolled up their picnic blanket and joined the accumulating audience. The ebbing guitar strums contrasted beautifully with the gruff, warm sound of Kristian Matsson. His guitar like waves and voice a rough sailor's shanty. 

His lyrics are beautiful, which he explained were influenced by a recent break up. Relieved of this confession, Kristian began to dance, rock and roll style. Jolting from the left of his fans and then darting to the outstretched arms of the right hand side of the crowd. The performance bloomed in front of us and The Tallest Man On Earth effortlessly grew to the size of his stage. Shamefully, I only begun listening to his beautiful music a month a go but true fans will have seen his organic growth into the industry. After 3 faultless albums including 7 perfect singles he has secured a European tour. I think us western folk just need to smugly wait for America to catch wind of the Tallest and talented man and cockily assure them "I told you he was good." 

James Blake 

My favourite song, maybe ever is Blake's cover of A Case Of You. In fact, its James Blake's favourite song. So we mutually really like this song. Yet, he doesn't bloody play it. He doesn't play our favourite song. 

I felt forewarning you this review is biased was probably appropriate. 
I've never really understood dubstep/house/ DJ music and can't fully appreciate it. 

I don't understand the first thing about cricket but I can appreciate that if you're playing in the Ashes you must be pretty good. Similarly I don't know the first thing about dubstep, which is pretty ignorant seen as every man and his dog is vaguely related to some DJ I've never heard of playing at Dimensions this year. But, unlike training for cricket, I can't appreciate how much time went into recording each sound or if they've just recorded the crazy frog and played it backwards. Watching James Blake was somewhat educational. He sang in his usual haunting voice

The Family Rain  

I'm watching out for these brothers. They were cool. 


  1. Ahhhhhhhh The Tallest Man On Earth is just heavenly. He was so amazing live, one of my favourite gig experiences of the last few years. He really is immensely talented. I was asked to go to see James Blake live a few months ago and I passed... kind of regretting it now. Looking darling as usual, Daisy love! <3

    1. He's amazing - so glad you agree!! He was really goood, I'll give you a heads up next time he's touring. Thank you Izzy! x



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