Let's try again

Lets try again 

I tripped into the blogging world exactly a year ago. Since then I have hopped over two HUGE life stepping stones. I started University and my kidney packed in. 
Both have changed my life in a positive way but have meant that blogging took a back seat. I've spent a lot of time in hospitals and rushing to finish uni deadlines. While that crazy whirlwind has been going on I've tried to squeeze in time to read. 
Read everything and anything. From beautiful novels and snobby music reviews and the same beauty reviews over and over again. 

I wrote about fashion mostly but then realised if given to choice I'd sooner be at an open Mic night in a village in Wales or trying to worm my way back stage to a Rolling Stones Concert. "Oh Mick Jagger, his accountants son used to walk my neighbours dog when they were on holiday, I'll see you after the encore." Than be at LFW, I know shocker. 

So, with that I want to write about music. Also, my life is sort of a steppingstone of different embarrassing events so I guess I'll share them along the way. 

I predict I will apologise countless times for being so bloody opinionated but sorry not sorry. 



  1. I am soooo sorry that your kidney packed in, good on you for getting through uni and I seriously respect you for that, I'd have given up! Sounds like you're in a great place now so look forward to keeping up with your blog. I liked your music reviews on your old blog so glad you're going to carry on with that.

  2. Izzy!! You are so lovely, thank you a million for keeping up to date with my blogging turn overs and faffing about. You have no idea how nice it is that you show an interest.

    I can't wait to start this new one and I'm sure I'll be picking your brilliant blogging brains in the near future. Glad to see you are keeping up with blogging xx



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