10 Artists to Watch in 2014

10 Artists to Watch in 2014

While the country is busying themselves with New Year's resolutions and Slimming World diet plans a number of talented artists will be working to be the 'IT' band of 2014. With festivals soon to be announcing their line ups and venues reopening their doors after the Christmas bustle, it is a hectic time for musicians. This is a list of 10 artists, who's efforts so far have convinced us that 2014 will be their year. And, with the majority of them touring in the early months of this year we will also have to pull our socks up, work hard and afford them gig tickets, or y'know sit and wait for our student loans to come through.

1. Royal Blood

This bearded duo are already off to a promising start in the New Year with the announcement that they will be supporting Arctic Monkeys in Finsbury Park this May. Their debut, and only single so far 'Out of the Black' is unapologetically noisy. The loudness sounds like a room full of musicians. In reality, the band are an auditory illusion, made up entirely of Ben Thatcher, capable of making a sound only an octopus could produce on drums and Mike Kerr, bassist and vocalist. The absence of a six stringed guitar is compensated with Kerr's skills with pedals and intense riffs. Their talent and noise levels will be impossible to go unnoticed in 2014.

2. Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Four piece, indie rock band Catfish and the Bottlemen under the same management as the great, Radiohead. For someone to see a similar potential in four musicians from an unpronounceable town in Wales, after working with the band that gave us 'Creep' there must be something special about these boys. Zane Lowe included 'Rango', their most recent single in his 'Hottest of 2013' list. Their sound is quite infectious,  upbeat rock with memorable rhythms,  nothing too heavy to ease into January. The band are due to tour early this year and will be playing in Rock City's basement.

3. Foxes

24 year old, Louisa Rose Allen goes by the name of Foxes. The Bambi eyed girl who brought us the electro dance floor single 'Youth' last year has big plans ahead. She is beginning the year touring the UK, and will be gracing the grubby floor of Stealth this March. Her 16 track LP 'Glorious' will be released in March, if it reflects her newest single 'Let it Go For Tonight' we can be assured that this album will involve airy, electro pop teamed with heavy piano throbbing and the mystical vocals of Foxes.

4. Ruen Brothers

Brothers, Henry and Rupert Stansall are currently busy working in Nashville, a Mecca for musicians. Loyal to the reputation of Nashville, the brothers have a Country Western vibe running throughout their music. However, in keeping with current music their sound is quicker, their drums are harder and, live, they are far more exciting. GQ have endorsed their latest music video 'Blood Runs Wild' featuring on Zane Lowes radio show. It is a catchy new single, featuring lip snarling, rolling vocals and a lot of cymbal crashing, two stepping fun.  However, Deep South Blues and Country is to everybody's taste the Guardian dubbed the pair 'the rockabilly Jeward.'

5. Wolf Alice

OK, guilty, Wolf Alice aren't completely unknown to the music radar. The likes of Clash and NME love them and it may have been more appropriately fitting to put them on the 'Ones To Watch In 2013' list but that doesn't mean we can't expect great things from the foursome this year too, right. Hype Machine and Radio 6 announced them as 'The Most Blogged About Artist of 2013' so what's all the fuss about? Their diversity. The band can write beautifully emotive songs such as 'Blush' with swirling pedals, and eerie vocals from front woman Ellie. On the flip side, they can make fun creative, more guitar heavy songs like 'Fluffy' named after their cat. Fingers crossed for a 2014 album from these guys.


MNEK is 19 and a talented singer, writer, producer and remixer. At a similar age to most uni students, he instantly undermines our 2:1 in an essay and so he should, MNEK has been working a lot harder. He can boast collaborating with Mischa B, Rudimental and The Saturdays and has remixed a plethora of songs from J LO to Disclosure. His soulful voice has sat alongside a bank of famous artists however he has yet to release any material under his own name. In 2014, we're hoping to hear some more of MNEK's talent and hopefully now established, alone.

7. Rhodes

The beautiful voice of Rhodes will be floating down the dreary motorways of the UK, even up the M1, to visit Nottingham's Rescue Rooms for his first headline tour. Surprisingly, Rhodes has been playing guitar and singing for just over a year, yet the two seem to flow so naturally together. Last year completely erupted for his new found talent as XFM, BBC Radio 1 and Clash all supported the humble, acoustic singer. With only an EP 'Raise Your Love' available to our ears we are desperate to hear more songs accompanying Rhodes on his tour.

8. Marika Hackman

Marika's vocals are a juxtaposition of sweetly soft yet dark. Like the sort of art in a gallery that you can't quite place if it is beautiful or making your stomach uneasy, Marika Hackman fits into that grey area. What she calls her 'mini album' consisting of 7 tracks called 'That Iron Tastes.' The name originates from the thought of cutting off her nose and letting the blood drip into her mouth, and the taste she imagines she would experience. Bleak, yes, but when sang in such a sugar coated, sweet choir voice the whole thing doesn't feel so violating. Impressively, Hackman plays every instrument on her 'mini album' from bass to piano, guitar to sitar. Did I mention her first gig was at 14 with her best mate, Cara Delevigne?


Featured in a list that predicted Adele and 50 cent would progress to do good things is an exciting start for new LA artist BANKS. When asked to describe her music she used some cryptic adjectives "Dark blue and black. Infinite." I'm not totally sure what that means, I see the black, her R&B, bass heavy music is quite gloomy. And, maybe a tad self assured  'infinite' is quite right. Her songs could be timeless as they address timeless issues such as her parent's divorce. However other tracks like 'This Is What It Feels Like' could be straight out of a R&B 90's playlist. BANKS has announced an 8 day tour in UK but unlike many of the other artists on this list has to split her time across the Atlantic.


Joining the list of duos and acts who capital letter their full name, BROODS. New Zealand siblings, Georgia and Caleb share the same producer and hometown as Lorde who's fan base rocketed last year. In their latest single 'Bridges' Georgia's voice is heavily autotuned complimenting the electro pop melody and hyperactive synth sounds. Her brothers voice can also be, more faintly heard. It's a sound we have heard plenty of times before but that won't stop the infectious beat of this song becoming popular in 2014. 


  1. Loved this! I'll be making a playlist to brighten up revision



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