REVIEW: Miles Kane at Rock City

Miles Kane at Rock City Review 

Miles Kane strutted onto the Rock City stage in matching shirt and trousers. Both pristinely white, luminous and extremely tight. The sound of Oasis' 'Morning Glory' played in the background, a very bold move as Kane is consistently slated for being a manufactured copy of the Mancunian brothers. His guitar above his head, as though ready to sacrifice it at an alter. The entrance was needless to say, a tad brave. But, why not? The crowd were all dressed like extras from Quadrophenia  and chanting Miles Kane lyrics at him. He was the leader of their cult, so sure be arrogant, these are your followers.

Continuing with the theme of arrogance, Miles Kane played 11 songs out of 14 from his newest album 'Don't Forget Who You Are.' This made up the large majority of his indulgent set. However, I cannot be critical, the crowd lapped this up. Kane sporadically stopped singing, allowing the full capacity of Rock City to recite his own lyrics back to him. Every guitar solo was drowned by the sound of screams of adoration. It may have been The Beatles that stated "We are more popular than Jesus" but here, Miles Kane was the masses chosen divinity.

The encore was more than expected, the crowd could not have left without hearing Come Closer. The mod-rock song featuring an infectious drum beat and warped guitar riffs that entered the UK Singles Chart 2 years ago. His fans protested with the elongated 'Whoa, Whoa' lyrics until Kane came back on stage. But before that, He played The Colour Trap from his 2011 album, a beautiful acoustic track. Once Miles' music was stripped down it was apparent that his versatile talent was deserving of his growing cult. 


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