REVIEW: Latitude Festival - Day 2

Matt Corby 

Day 2 of Latitude and we are stood in a field dotted with multi coloured sheep, my boyfriend and I having somewhat of a domestic. I'm going blue in the face, "I'm not missing Daughter. That's not happening." and he simply shrugs, "It'd be your loss." So, intrigued by this I did miss Daughter, that was happening, and we are stood waiting in a pocket sized stage in a woodland. Matt Corby was my favourite act of Latitude. That's quite a bold statement to say my one true love, Orlando Weeks was there. 

Matt Corby's voice is beautiful. He is raw, imperfect and not over rehearsed.  

I feel lucky to have seen Matt is such a teeny tent. I can foresee him selling out arenas in no time, as he does, effortlessly in his hometown. It is difficult to reinvent yourself after being successful on a talent show, Matt was runner up on Australian Idol. There is a commercial stigma attached to these shows that Corby seems to have shaken off. I mean, the boy has a multi-platinum EP and is way cooler than JLS or One Direction. 

Alt J

Alt J weren't playing on a big stage and probably didn't compensate for their newly found HUGE fan base. And so, I was way too far back, stretched tiptoes and couldn't hear a thing. I've promised I'll see them again so I can accurately rave about them.  

King Charles 

I have King Charles dotted on a lot of old playlists but have never caught the chance to see him live. Visually, he is very theatrical. Charles Costa, who crowned himself 'King Charles' fidgeted with his dreadlocks, trying out a few hairstyles between songs. He wore a Mr Darcy style bellowing shirt teamed with skinny jeans that weren't quite as fitting for the final- run through fields into each others arm- chapters of Pride and Prejudice. 

I did enjoy his set, his sound is bright, get up and dance pop with a sort of reggae, folk mix.  Pop, reggae, folk don't sound like usual companions but it works. It's airy and easy to listen to. However, his theatrical front is a bit too much to swallow.

A letter to Mississippi Isabel - the pseudonym of a girl that clearly cut up and ate his heart is a great example of  his way too over the topness. Be warned the words 'pomegrante

Cat Fish And The Bottlemen 


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